New Surface Mount modules available in Tape & Reel packaging

New Surface Mount modules available in Tape & Reel packaging

The most recent innovation of Silvertel’s very popular Ag99XX range of POE PD modules, utilising gold terminal blocks to provide a fully surface mount device for either the ‘-MTB or ‘-LPB variants, now allows us to offer these formats in Tape & Reel packaging.

Available on a 15-inch (380mm) diameter reel, these products are ideally suited for automatic pick & placement.

Quantities on the reel differ between variants as follows…

Ag99XX-MTB contain 250 devices per reel.

Ag99XX-LPB contain 400 devices per reel.

Reel dimensions, etc., can be found in the Data Sheet of applicable products.

Ordering codes for these products are made up as follows :-

Product Number              Order Code *                     MOQ

Ag9903-MTB                      Ag9903MTB-250R             250 pieces

Ag9905-MTB                      Ag9905MTB-250R             250 pieces

Ag9912-MTB                      Ag9912MTB-250R             250 pieces

Ag9924-MTB                      Ag9924MTB-250R             250 pieces

Ag9903-LPB                        Ag9903LPB-400R               400 pieces

Ag9905-LPB                        Ag9905LPB-400R               400 pieces

Ag9912-LPB                        Ag9912LPB-400R               400 pieces

(* - AgXXYYZZB-123R where AgXX = Product Family, YY = Voltage Variant, ZZB = MTB Surface Mount using Terminal Blocks or LPB Low Profile Surface Mount using Terminal Blocks,  123 = Qty/Reel, R = Reeled Product)

Pricing and availability can be obtained from our authorised distribution partners.

New products designed in this format will also be considered for Tape & Reel packaging where possible and appropriate. For further details, contact our authorised distribution partner in your region.

AVoIPoE Roadshow

If you don’t know what PoE is and want to familiarise yourself with it, then Silvertel’s Mike Lewis presented this brief introduction during Broadtek’s recent AVoIPoE Roadshow events in Bracknell and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.


signing of a supply agreement with Mouser

Signing of a supply agreement with Mouser


Silvertel are delighted to announce the signing of a supply agreement with Mouser, the world-wide electronic component marketing specialist, to carry our product. Our products can be found on Mouser’s website from the 1st June.

COVID-19 update

Update 18th March 2020 - Following the UK Government’s recent statement last weekend regarding the progress of the COVID-19 virus, in that it is anticipated for the virus to take hold in the UK, with the number of reported infections expected to increase dramatically over the coming weeks along with disruption to business.
With this in mind, and the possibility of a government-imposed “lock-down”, as has been the case in Italy, Spain and the USA recently, Silvertel is recommending that customers/distributor partners should take the opportunity to pull-forward product (where it is due for delivery over the next 6 weeks) wherever possible in order to avoid any risk of delays that may affect availability later on. Silvertel will be doing whatever it can to avoid any temporary closure but due to factors outside our control, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.
Silvertel will confirm if product stocks are available to ship early and the respective customers/distributor partners will be informed accordingly.

Coronavirus Statement

As you are aware the Coronavirus is currently affecting many countries, but primarily China.
Silvertel buys some components directly from China, notably our PCB’s and transformers.
We have been informed the PCB plant is working normally. One of our 3 transformer
suppliers is working normally, one is working partially and one is closed with a planned reopening
date of 10th March.
Silvertel currently holds finished goods plus confirmed manufacturing orders with our UK
CEM’s equal to 3 months sales. In addition our manufacturers hold significant buffer stocks
of raw components, however this will obviously vary from product to product.
Our view is that in the short term there should not be any shortages, however if the epidemic
continues for several months then the situation could change. We are encouraged to read in
the news that containment efforts in China do seem to be working and the number of new
cases is dropping.
Obviously this situation is dynamic and we will keep you informed of any changes, however
please be assured that our staff and suppliers are working to minimise any possible impact.

Silvertel Signs NexGen Micro to the distributor network serving customers in Turkey and The Middle East

Silvertel Signs NexGen Micro to the distributor network serving customers in Turkey and The Middle East

Silvertel welcomes NexGen Micro to its established distributor network, who will service customers in Turkey and The Middle East. Contact details are as listed on our website under our “World Sales & Contacts”, “European Distributors” page.

Silvertel also thank the outgoing distributor, RBS Products, for their cooperation and hard work over the years and wish them every success for the future. RBS Products will remain as Silvertel’s distributor partner until 6th April 2020.

15W Wireless Charging System Silvertel Triples the Wireless Power Available with Ag320 to 15W

15W Wireless Charging System Silvertel Triples the Wireless Power Available with Ag320 to 15W

Ag320T and Ag320R - A high power wireless charger system from Silvertel

Following the introduction of Silvertels’ modular wireless power system, delivering 5W using the Ag301, Ag311/312 combinations, it became clear that the concept of wireless power transfer was good, being extremely useful and versatile for its’ target products and environments, external use, industrial environment, medical products and devices etc. However, the power limitations made roll out and use of the technology restrictive.

Enter the Ag320 series, with an increase to 3 times the available power (now 15W) of the earlier modules, delivering a more practical level of power for many more applications.

Previous articles have talked about growing trends electronics such as in miniaturization. Wireless charging and power is another such growing trend, starting with mobile phones and moving to an ever increasing array of modern electronic devices. Wherever there is a need or advantage in being able to do away with power connectors; wireless power has a role to play. And now with a full 15W of power available for charging, the Ag320 series can deliver power for an even larger range of products.

Silvertel can provide all the assistance and support required, although the modules have been engineered such that the simple addition of a single recommended coil to each of the transmit and receive power modules completes the functional design of the system. For further details contact Silver sales or your local distributor.

PoE Power for Raspberry Pi 3 model B+

PoE Power for Raspberry Pi 3 model B+

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

The new Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ design has made it even easier to add PoE hat, without the need for extra cables. The GPIO connector will provide all the connection required for PoE. Silvertel, a UK manufacturer of POE, telecom and power modules, have released a circuit and PCB layout for a 5V PoE adapter board ideal for the new Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ design. This PoE hat design uses the Raspberry Pi 3 B board’s GPIO connector to access the Ethernet transformer and power lines to provide a simple neat PoE solution. The information provided is available for free download and use by any manufacturer of accessories or general hobbyists. The information pack provided includes: a full bill of materials (parts readily available from on-line electronic component suppliers), a circuit schematic and the PCB layout. The Ag9905M is the smallest 12W PoE solution available at this time but Silvertel is constantly surprising the market.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 2                                      Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 3

The latest Release downloads including PHY protection can be found below. Released April 2018.

Download Circuit diagrams for PoE Adapter Board

Download PCB silkscreen (Top) for PoE Adapter Board

Download PCB silkscreen (Bottom) for PoE Adapter Board

Download example BOM

Download Gerber files for PCB

The winners of the Wales Technology Awards 2018

Over the last three years, the company has experienced dramatic growth in every overseas operating territory including China, USA, Australia, Italy, Russia and Japan.
The company’s strengths in technological innovation have seen it become the only company in the UK designing its particular product range of Power over Ethernet (POE) modules, and it is seen as one of the leading developers in the world for this type of product. A focus on miniaturization has also seen Silvertel create the world’s smallest POE module, which are perfect for the latest generation of Internet of Things products.

IEEE 802.3bt – The New 4 pair Standard of PoE Current Standards

IEEE 802.3bt – The New 4 pair Standard of PoE

Current Standards

Since its first release, in 2003, it became obvious that PoE provided great benefits however some applications were restricted by the power available. The first specification, called IEEE802.3af, allowed up to 12.95W at the Powered Device (PD) and the second, released in 2009 and called IEEE802.3at, allowed up to 25.5W. This allowed for 100m of cable between the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and the PD. The power could be supplied on the spare pair or the data pair which was referred to as Mode A or B.

Standard Power from PSE
Power a
Cable Type Mode
802.3af 15.4 12.95 Cat 3 or 5 A or B
802.3at 30 25.5 Cat 5 A or B

It is important to note that the standards are backward compatible i.e. an 802.3af PD can be used with an 802.3at PSE and an 802.3at PD can be used with an 802.3af PSE but with the power limited by what the PSE can supply.

PoE can also be defined by the Type where a Type 1 is an IEEE802.3af device and Type 2 is IEEE802.3at device. Within each type there are various classes that the PD presents to the PSE which defines the minimum power delivered to the PD and would allow the PSE to manage its power available.

PoEType Class Current(mA) PD per Pair (W) PSE Power Per Pair (W)
1 0 0 - 4 0.44 - 12.94 15.4
1 1 9 - 12 0.44 - 3.84  4
1 2 17 - 20 3.84 - 6.49 7
1 3 26 - 30 6.49 - 12.95 15.4
2 4 36 - 44 12.95 - 25.50 30

What 802.3bt brings

More Power - This new standard allows the transfer of at least 71W to the PD with the maximum cable length. This extra power is delivered across all four pairs which minimizes the losses in the cable. This extra power available allows more applications at higher power like smart LED lighting, Cameras with AI and larger digital displays. However with this higher power and faster data speeds, cable quality and electronic design now becomes an important factor when trying to achieve maximum power and error free data transmission.

Connected Devices -The new standard allows for this higher total power to be split across two separate PD devices from a single IEEE802.3bt PSE output. The PSE will check both pair sets to see if it’s connected to single or dual signature PD. A single signature PD connection will operate as you would expect, monitoring the overall power consumption and imbalance between pair sets. A dual signature connection allows the designer to have two individual PD devices within their system, monitored by a single IEEE802.3bt PSE, thus giving them the opportunity for 2 independent rails within their system whilst only using a single Cat5e cable. The independent monitoring on each pair set also allows for power saving in the end users device where one of the rails may choose to go into standby mode whilst the other rail may need to continue to operate at full power.

New classes and types - The increase of power is not implemented in one step the standard brings 2 new PoE types and 4 new classes for effective power management.

PoEType Class Current(mA) PD per Pair (W) PSE Power Per Pair (W)
3 4 0 - 4 12.95 - 25.5 30
3 5 9 - 12 40 45
3 6 17 - 20 51 60
4 7 26 - 30 62 75
4 8 36 - 44 71 90

Lower standby power –After powering the port the PSE monitors the current drawn is above a set limit, known as the Maintain Power Signature (MPS), to detect if the PD has been disconnected. The IEEE802.3bt is more energy conscious and has improved its MPS to allow a lower stand by power which is ideal to meet today’s needs.

In order to keep the port active, an IEEE802.3af or IEEE802.3at PD must draw approximately 10mA or a duty cycle of 30% from the PSE. With most systems, we would expect to see about 150mW of loss per port, so if we had multiple lighting systems on multiple ports, for example 10, this would equate to 1.5W of lost power when unit in standby. The new standard has changed this and now the PSE will only require a very conservative duty cycle of ~2%. This reduces the amount of power lost per port by a factor of 15. This is beneficial where devices can be put into sleep mode i.e. PoE lighting systems or security systems that may only be needed to be active during night time and turned off during the day.

Automatic Classification -Auto classification is a new system in which the PSE can automatically detect the actual maximum power drawn by the PD. The PSE will measure the maximum power drawn by the PD over a set amount of time and then assign this power to that port plus some margin.

Backwards Compatibility -As with 802.3at, the 802.3bt standard will be fully backwards compatible with the previous standards of PoE. This system, in theory, should work automatically with any PD (As long as the PSE has the means to supply the required power). In the scenario where an 802.3bt PD is plugged into a lower standard PSE, the device may turn on if the power consumed is within the PSE power limitations, but will fail to start or shutdown if its power is much greater than the PSE’s power capability.

802.3bt Applications

* LED Lighting * Industrial PCs * Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
* LED displays * POS terminals * IoT access points
* Automated Teller Machine (ATM) * Smart IP Cameras * Automation Control Systems

Considerations – When using higher power applications

As with every product produced, there must be considerations made. As the new standard is released and we start to see an influx of new designs, it is important to consider the thermal requirements of the PD. In this new age of technology, size is everything. Products and devices are getting smaller and slimmer, as such it is important to monitor and rectify the thermal implications of high power designs. Heatsinks and thermal management are a must and are more important than ever. With the amount of power almost tripling, internal temperatures of devices will rise much quicker. PD placing within the enclosure becomes a vital factor in being able to operate the device at its maximum operating power, such that maximum airflow and heatsinking can be achieved.


In conclusion 802.3bt, will bring a whole new avenue of opportunity to the world of PoE. Introducing new ways to improve LED lighting, smart homes and other connected devices. We will see new and more advanced security systems taking advantage of the new power limit. As the world continues to evolve and we develop more energy efficient devices, the list of applications for PoE will only increase.

Silvertel’s range of PoE modules will make the transition into the new standard easier than ever. With our 802.3bt compliant modules, implementation of 4 Pair PoE technology into your device will be seamless, easy and cost effective. They provide the complete solution using minimal external components.

Ag6800 - IEEE802.3bt PSE Ag5800 - IEEE802.3bt PD (12/24V output)
 Ag6800 web  Ag5800 web

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