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Silvertel provide the smallest Power over Ethernet solutions in the world. Our IEEE802.3af (13W), IEEE802.3at (30W) and IEEE802.3bt (85W) modules are significantly smaller than currently available discrete IC solutions.

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PoE-enabled LED Driver for Smart Lighting

Now the IEEE802.3bt specification has been released, PoE has become more suitable for smart lighting. This new standard has added more power, up to 99W, but has also allowed for a lower standby connection. Silvertel is releasing a simple to use, but comprehensive solution for a PoE LED driver module. The Ag210 is a small module that provides the required IEEE802.3bt PoE signature, generates and regulates the constant current to drive standard LED units. This current output is configurable from 350mA to 1A. The module has an I2C bus input to control the flicker-free dimming output. This module does not require an electrolytic capacitor ensuring that the reliability and life expectancy is as high as the LED.

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