ISE 2024 Barcelona

ISE 2024 Barcelona 30st Jan – 2rd Feb 2024

Silvertel will be exhibiting at the ISE Barcelona 2024, as part of the HDBaseT Alliance.

Silvertel launches on Digikey

Silvertel launches on Digikey

Silvertel are delighted to announce the signing of a supply agreement with Digikey, the world-wide electronic component marketing specialist, to carry our product. Our products can be found on Digikey’s website at



POE++ powering has never been so easy to implement with this SMT module, due to be launched in Q3’23. A Class 6 (50W) PD module with a dedicated 12V or 24V High Efficiency output, in yet again, a compact form factor, makes this the “must-have” product for engineers looking to rapidly convert a passive peripheral device into a PoE++-powered product. Contact us on for more information about the Ag59612-LPB (12V Variant) or Ag59624-LPB (24V Variant).




If you’re looking for IEEE802.3-compliant PSE functionality in an extremely compact SMT form factor then look no further… Silvertel will be launching the Ag6130-LPB PSE module in Q3’23, which boasts POE (15.4W), POE+ (30W) and UPOE (proprietary 60W) power delivery from a module measuring a mere 21mm long x 14mm wide. Contact us on for more information about this upcoming addition to our portfolio.


Infocomm 2023

Infocomm 2023 Orlando, Florida 14th – 16th June 2023

Silvertel will be exhibiting at Infocomm 2023 in Orlando, Florida where we’ll have a booth on the HDBaseT Alliance stand #3043. Come along and take the opportunity to meet the team and hear about our exciting new products.

New Surface Mount modules available in Tape & Reel packaging

New Surface Mount modules available in Tape & Reel packaging

The most recent innovation of Silvertel’s very popular Ag99XX range of POE PD modules, utilising gold terminal blocks to provide a fully surface mount device for either the ‘-MTB or ‘-LPB variants, now allows us to offer these formats in Tape & Reel packaging.

Available on a 15-inch (380mm) diameter reel, these products are ideally suited for automatic pick & placement.

Quantities on the reel differ between variants as follows…

Ag99XX-MTB contain 250 devices per reel.

Ag99XX-LPB contain 400 devices per reel.

Reel dimensions, etc., can be found in the Data Sheet of applicable products.

Ordering codes for these products are made up as follows :-

Product Number              Order Code *                     MOQ

Ag9903-MTB                      Ag9903MTB-15TR             250 pieces

Ag9905-MTB                      Ag9905MTB-15TR            250 pieces

Ag9912-MTB                      Ag9912MTB-15TR           250 pieces

Ag9924-MTB                      Ag9924MTB-15TR            250 pieces

Ag9903-LPB                        Ag9903LPB-15TR              400 pieces

Ag9905-LPB                        Ag9905LPB-15TR              400 pieces

Ag9912-LPB                        Ag9912LPB-15TR              400 pieces

(* - AgXXYYZZB-xxTR where AgXX = Product Family, YY = Voltage Variant, ZZB = MTB Surface Mount using Terminal Blocks or LPB Low Profile Surface Mount using Terminal Blocks,  15 = Reel size (inches), TR = Reeled Product)

Pricing and availability can be obtained from our authorised distribution partners.

New products designed in this format will also be considered for Tape & Reel packaging where possible and appropriate. For further details, contact our authorised distribution partner in your region.

AVoIPoE Roadshow

If you don’t know what PoE is and want to familiarise yourself with it, then Silvertel’s Mike Lewis presented this brief introduction during Broadtek’s recent AVoIPoE Roadshow events in Bracknell and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.


New Ag5712-LPB and Ag5724-LPB miniature SMT AT PD modules

New Ag5712-LPB and Ag5724-LPB miniature SMT AT PD modules

The new Ag5712-LPB and Ag5724-LPB will be a low cost, miniature IEEE802.3at PD modules.

They will be the smallest ‘AT’ module solution in the world. with a low profile, small footprint SMT package.


First Engineering samples available Q1 2023

New Ag7300 - 120W boost Converter

New Ag7300 - 120W boost Converter

To expand the range of DC/DC converters for SELV power distribution. This Ag7300 provides a nominal 55V output up to 120W, from an input supply of 18 – 36V. With a small SMT package footprint of only 35 x 40mm.

Ideal accompaniment for the Ag6800 to make a POE injector or single port PSE.

First Engineering samples should be available Q1 2023.

ISE 2023 Barcelona

ISE 2023 Barcelona 31st Jan – 3rd Feb 2023

Silvertel will be exhibiting at the ISE Barcelona 2023, as part of the HDBaseT Alliance.