Smart Lighting Documentation

Silvertel provide full technical datasheets for all our product range, along with product shortforms and a range of evaluation boards complete with user guides. In addition, for our smart Lighting Modules, you can find here a comprehensive set of application notes and design guidelines. Furthermore, Silvertel offer a full schematic review service, for customers who are designing in our modules. You can access this service by sending your schematics to our Application Support team via your local distributor or representative.


Ag210 – PoE constant-current LED driver

Ag210 Datasheet


Ag210 – PoE constant-current LED driver

Ag210 Shortforms

App Notes

Ag210 – PoE constant-current LED driver

3D Step Files

Ag210 – PoE constant-current LED driver

Ag210 3D Stepfile

Evaluation Boards

Ag210 Evaluation Board

The EvalAg210 is intended for testing and evaluation of the performance of the Ag210 IEEE802.3bt POE LED Driver  module. This evaluation board will work with a suitable Type 3 or Type 4 bt Power sourcing equipmet (PSE)  that are capable of providing power over the spare pair and  the data pair, such as the Ag6800 high power PoE PSE module. Please use the links provided to buy boards or download the user  manual.

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