Our Approach

What the customer wants and needs is always our primary consideration. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, smallest and lowest cost modules which offer first class electrical performance, combined with superb customer support. Our team of professional engineers have the experience, knowledge and commitment to respond positively to practically all customer requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Silvertel recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and is committed to sustainable practices. The company actively promotes eco-friendly manufacturing processes and develops energy-efficient power solutions to minimize its environmental impact. Silvertel also fosters a diverse and inclusive work culture, emphasizing employee well-being and engagement. Additionally, the company actively participates in community initiatives to contribute positively to society.

About Us

Founded in 1997 and based in the UK, Silvertel specialises in developing and supplying electronic modules for many thousands of diverse customers around the world. Our products are key components in applications including telecoms, datacoms, security systems, commercial electronic products, IoT and smart solutions. We are justifiably proud of our innovative product range which includes Power over Ethernet, Telephony interfaces, LED driver modules, DC-DC converters, and battery charging controllers. Our products are manufactured in very high volumes, several million modules every year, by UK based CEMs using the latest high speed surface mount technology. This along with our continuing innovation allows us to be cost competitive with manufacturers anywhere in the world. Designing and manufacturing in the UK enables us to provide consistently exceptional quality to help maintain an edge over our competition. As a long standing member of ESTNet, Silvertel is continually striving to build on its strong history of export sales and growth and technical innovation, as evidenced again by our position as winners in the ESTNet exporter of the year awards in 2018.