DC-DC Converter Documentation

Silvertel provide full technical datasheets for our entire product range, along with product shortforms and a range of evaluation boards complete with user guides. In addition, for our DC-DC converter modules, you can find here a comprehensive set of application notes and design guidelines. Furthermore, Silvertel offer a full schematic review service, for customers who are designing in our modules. You can access this service by sending your schematics to our Application Support team via your local distributor or representative.


There are many manufacturers of Ethernet magnetics. The manufacturers below are just used as examples, we take no responsibility for the suitability or quality of the items listed below. Please visit the manufacturer’s website for the most up-to-date data before selecting the parts.

Ag7010 - DC-DC converter up to 120W 9V- 26V input; 3V to 12V output

Ag7010 Datasheet

Ag7100 - DC-DC converter up to 40W 12V- 24V input; 48V to 57V output

Ag7100 Datasheet

Ag7200 - DC-DC converter up to 20W 5V to 15V input; 36V - 57V output

Ag7200 Datasheet


Ag7010 - DC-DC converter up to 120W

Ag7010 Shortforms

Ag7100 - DC-DC converter up to 40W

Ag7100 Shortforms

Ag7200 - DC-DC converter up to 20W

Ag7200 Shortforms

DC-DC Converter Eval Boards


This is Silvertel’s new EVAL board to cover both the Ag7100 DC-DC converter and it’s complementary and frequently associated Ag6100 PSE module.

It is designed to allow simple and combined or separate testing and evaluation of both Silvertel’s Ag6100 POE PSE module as well as the Ag7100 DC-DC Boost converter. With either 12V or 24V nominal DC input, the output of the Ag7100 is linked on the Eval board directly to the input of the Ag6100 as it would be if being used to design a PSE power circuit. It is designed to provide a complete Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) functional power block, when fitted with both modules, providing up to 40W of PSE output power onto the CAT5/6 cable as an output at either 48V or 57V.

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The EvalAg7010 is designed to allow simple testing and evaluation of Silvertel’s Ag7010  DC-DC converter. With either DC input or power provided via USBC port

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