New Surface Mount modules available in Tape & Reel packaging

The most recent innovation of Silvertel’s very popular Ag99XX range of POE PD modules, utilising gold terminal blocks to provide a fully surface mount device for either the ‘-MTB or ‘-LPB variants, now allows us to offer these formats in Tape & Reel packaging.

Available on a 15-inch (380mm) diameter reel, these products are ideally suited for automatic pick & placement.

Quantities on the reel differ between variants as follows…

Ag99XX-MTB contain 250 devices per reel.

Ag99XX-LPB contain 400 devices per reel.

Reel dimensions, etc., can be found in the Data Sheet of applicable products.

Ordering codes for these products are made up as follows :-

Product Number              Order Code *                     MOQ

Ag9903-MTB                      Ag9903MTB-15TR             250 pieces

Ag9905-MTB                      Ag9905MTB-15TR            250 pieces

Ag9912-MTB                      Ag9912MTB-15TR           250 pieces

Ag9924-MTB                      Ag9924MTB-15TR            250 pieces

Ag9903-LPB                        Ag9903LPB-15TR              400 pieces

Ag9905-LPB                        Ag9905LPB-15TR              400 pieces

Ag9912-LPB                        Ag9912LPB-15TR              400 pieces

(* – AgXXYYZZB-xxTR where AgXX = Product Family, YY = Voltage Variant, ZZB = MTB Surface Mount using Terminal Blocks or LPB Low Profile Surface Mount using Terminal Blocks,  15 = Reel size (inches), TR = Reeled Product)

Pricing and availability can be obtained from our authorised distribution partners.

New products designed in this format will also be considered for Tape & Reel packaging where possible and appropriate. For further details, contact our authorised distribution partner in your region.