Battery Chargers

Silvertel’s intelligent and eco-friendly battery charge controller modules maximise rechargeable battery life, while cutting maintenance costs and slashing power consumption. They are extremely useful for reducing overall system maintenance and battery replacement life cycle costs. The modules offer a wide DC input voltage range and a high efficiency DC to DC converter. Charging voltage is controlled to a high accuracy, independent of temperature variations. Optimised and programmable charging profiles are used to ensure battery longevity. Our modules are designed for use with Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries and for charging SLA solar batteries using a Solar Panel power source.

Battery Charger Modules


• Maximises Battery Life
• Battery Reversal Protection
• Reduces Power Consumption
• Very Wide DC Input Range 9V to 36V
• Intelligent ‘Top-up’ Float Charge
• Programmable Charge Current
• Charge Condition Indicator outputs
• Temperature Compensation
• Overload & short-circuit protection
• Simple integration


• Designed for use with Solar Panels
• Max Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
• Maximises Battery Life
• Wide input supply range 9V – 36V
• Selectable Charge Profiles for 1.2Ah to 12Ah
• Small DIL footprint
• 51mm(L) x 30mm(W) x16mm(H)
• Deep discharge protection
• Temperature Compensation
• Simple integration


• Solar panel or fixed DC source charge controller for Lithium-ion battery packs
• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
• JEITA compliant Lithium-ion battery charger
• Wide input supply range 11V – 36V
• Adjustable charge voltage and current
• Fully integrated module, minimal external components
• I2C interface
• High Efficiency
• Overload, short-circuit, and thermal protection