The Ag201 module is an extremely versatile, low voltage DC input, constant current LED driver module. Its’ wealth of features are all delivered in a tiny package, with a maximum of flexibility. Selectable constant current output drive allows connection to a huge variety of market leading LEDs. In addition, the module’s SEPIC, Buck-Boost DC-DC converter topology means the input voltage can be either higher or lower than the string (output) voltage, allowing for ease of design with a wide range of DC input voltages and LEDs. Flexible and powerful dimming control is built in with both fully isolated DALI and analogue (0.5V-10V) dimming inputs available.

Ag201 Block Diagram

Key Features & Documents

Small SIL package

Selectable LED Current, 350mA, 500mA, 700mA &1000mA

Wide Input range 12V to 57V, SEPIC – Buck/Boost Technology

Wide input voltage range suitable for use with Silvertel’s range of PoE products.

Output Short-circuit and Over-Voltage protection

Very Long Life - No external electrolytic capacitors required

Input Over-voltage and Undervoltage protection

Wide LED String Voltage (2V-34V)

High efficiency DC/DC conversion

1-10V Analogue dimming control

Fully isolated (3.75KV) DALI Input

Minimal (low cost) external components required


Part Number

Output Voltage

Output Current


Volume Pricing


LED – 2 -34V


Evaluation Board

Ag201 Evaluation Board

The EvalAg201 is intended for testing and evaluation of the performance of the Ag201 low voltage DC LED Driver  module. This evaluation board will work with a suitable DC power supply delivering between +12V to +57V and an LED or LED sting of 2 – 34V. Please use the links provided to buy boards or download the user  manual.