Ag7200 provides a cost and footprint optimised SIL package 20W isolated DC-DC converter, to boost from 5V to 15V up to between 36V and 57V. It is perfect for PoE, PSE or other applications requiring a convenient isolated solution with minimal additional components and easy integration. It is an ideal functional complement to the Ag6100 PSE module, optimised for 802.3af (15.4W) power levels and applications.

Key Features & Documents

Wide input supply 5V - 15V DC

Maximum output power 20W

36V to 57V Output

Industrial Temperature range

1.5kV isolation

Over current, thermal & short circuit protection

High efficiency (>90%)

Low noise and output ripple

Simple integration


Part Number

Output Voltage

Output Power



Isolated 20W DC-DC boost converter


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Evaluation Boards


This is Silvertel’s new EVAL board to cover both the Ag7200 DC-DC converter and it’s complementary and frequently associated Ag6100 PSE module.

It is designed to allow simple and combined or separate testing and evaluation of both Silvertel’s Ag6100 POE PSE module as well as the Ag7200 DC-DC Boost converter. With either 5V or 12V nominal DC input, the output of the Ag7200 is linked on the Eval board directly to the input of the Ag6100 as it would be if being used to design a PSE power circuit. It is designed to provide a complete Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) functional power block, when fitted with both modules, providing up to 40W of PSE output power onto the CAT5/6 cable as an output at either 48V or 57V.

NOTE : Evaluation Boards are supplied pre-loaded with a sample module. Please ensure that you specify which variant you wish populated into the Eval board on request or ideally on your PO.