The Ag5810 is an IEEE802.3bt Type 4 Power over Ethernet module that can deliver up to 60 Watts of output power. Suitable for applications such as WiMAX access points, PTZ cameras, notebook computers, IP cameras, LED lighting, intelligent displays and thin client terminals.

The Ag5810 extracts power from an IEEE802.3bt Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) over an Ethernet cable. Conforming to the IEEE802.3bt standard for signature recognition with class programming-fixed to class 7. It has been designed to work with IEEE802.3bt PSE’s and existing high power PSE’s from leading manufacturers.

The high efficiency DC/DC converter operates over a wide input voltage range and provides a regulated low ripple and low noise output. The DC/DC converter also has built-in overload, thermal and short-circuit output protection.

Key Features & Documents

Smallest 60W ‘bt’ solution in the world

DIL - 70mm(L) x 30mm(W) x 16mm(H)

Power received on all 4 pairs - Type 4, Class 7

Overload, thermal & short-circuit protection

Very low power standby mode

Wide input voltage range (37-57V)

12V or 24 V output

88% efficient isolated DC/DC converter

Minimal low cost external components required


Part Number

Output Voltage

Output Power




60 Watts

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Evaluation Boards

Ag5810 Evaluation Boards

The EvalAg5810 is intended for testing and evaluation of the performance of the Ag5810 IEEE802.3bt 4-Pair high power POE PD module. This evaluation board will work with suitable IEEE802.3bt Power Sourcing equipment (PSE) that are capable of providing power over the spare pair and  the data pair, such as the Ag6800 high power PoE PD module.  Please use the links provided to buy boards or download the user  manual.

NOTE : Evaluation Boards are supplied pre-loaded with a sample module. Please ensure that you specify which variant you wish populated into the Eval board on request or ideally on your PO.