Ag2120 is a highly integrated trunk or PSTN/COIC interface, available in either a DIL or SIL package. The module boasts many integrated features, including a basic barrier on-chip and programmable DC mask. The Ag2120 can be used in systems without a ground, or in applications where common mode interference is very high. It can also be operated from either a +3.3V or a +5V supply.

Key Features & Documents

Highly featured PSTN interface

Very small SIL and DIL package options

Includes Transformer isolation

On board Loop switch and Diode bridge

Ringing and loop current detection

Parallel phone detect

Programmable to meet different country standards

Tip/Ring polarity detect for CLI and on hook reception

3.3V or 5V input


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Programmable single channel trunk/PSTN interface



Programmable single channel trunk/PSTN interface


Evaluation Boards

Evaluation Board Ag2120

This evaluation board is suitable for use with all variants of the Ag2120. It can be used on its own or it can be connected to an Ag117x evaluation board.

NOTE : Evaluation Boards are supplied pre-loaded with a sample module. Please ensure that you specify which variant you wish populated into the Eval board on request or ideally on your PO.