Ag1171 is a low cost single channel SLIC with a fully integrated DC-DC converter to generate all necessary battery and ringing voltages. The module only requires a single supply from +3.3V to +5V. Ag1171 is suitable for low line count, short loop applications, such as Wireless Local Loop Terminals (WLL), Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCT), Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWT) and Internet Telephony (VoIP).

Key Features & Documents

Low Cost

Very Simple integration

Small size - SIL package

600R impedance

On-board ringing generator

Integral high efficiency DC/DC converter, providing:

Ringing voltage and Loop current

+5V to +3.3V supply voltage

Tip/Ring polarity reversal

Simplified protection


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Single channel ringing SLIC, +3.3V to +5V supply


Evaluation Boards


This evaluation board is suitable for use with all variants of the Ag1170 and Ag1171. It can be used on its own or it can be connected to another Ag117x evaluation board or to an Ag2120 evaluation board.

NOTE : Evaluation Boards are supplied pre-loaded with a sample module. Please ensure that you specify which variant you wish populated into the Eval board on request or ideally on your PO.