Update 18th March 2020 – Following the UK Government’s recent statement last weekend regarding the progress of the COVID-19 virus, in that it is anticipated for the virus to take hold in the UK, with the number of reported infections expected to increase dramatically over the coming weeks along with disruption to business.
With this in mind, and the possibility of a government-imposed “lock-down”, as has been the case in Italy, Spain and the USA recently, Silvertel is recommending that customers/distributor partners should take the opportunity to pull-forward product (where it is due for delivery over the next 6 weeks) wherever possible in order to avoid any risk of delays that may affect availability later on. Silvertel will be doing whatever it can to avoid any temporary closure but due to factors outside our control, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.
Silvertel will confirm if product stocks are available to ship early and the respective customers/distributor partners will be informed accordingly.