As you are aware the Coronavirus is currently affecting many countries, but primarily China.
Silvertel buys some components directly from China, notably our PCB’s and transformers.
We have been informed the PCB plant is working normally. One of our 3 transformer
suppliers is working normally, one is working partially and one is closed with a planned reopening
date of 10th March.
Silvertel currently holds finished goods plus confirmed manufacturing orders with our UK
CEM’s equal to 3 months sales. In addition our manufacturers hold significant buffer stocks
of raw components, however this will obviously vary from product to product.
Our view is that in the short term there should not be any shortages, however if the epidemic
continues for several months then the situation could change. We are encouraged to read in
the news that containment efforts in China do seem to be working and the number of new
cases is dropping.
Obviously this situation is dynamic and we will keep you informed of any changes, however
please be assured that our staff and suppliers are working to minimise any possible impact.