• Not Recommended for New Designs

The Ag6110 is a single channel, small package SIL PSE module, designed to inject power into conventional twisted pair Category 5 Ethernet cables. Ag6100S modules are compatible with IEEE 802.3af POE and 802.3at PoE+ devices and PD modules (e.g. Ag9800 or Ag5300). Ag6110 is compatible with POE Ultra devices and modules (e.g. Ag5500). Ag6100S will operate as standard across the Industrial Temperature range (-40C to +85C). Ag6100 requires a 48 – 57V DC input, frequently provided by the Ag7100 DC-DC converter module.

Key Features & Documents

• Not Recommended for New Designs

Low cost, high power PSE injector module

IEEE802.3af & at compatible

Small Footprint - SIL - 53mm(L)x 7mm(W)x 14mm(H)

Signature & Class recognition

Over Current & Short Circuit Protection

Very Low Power Dissipation

Supplies power across all 4 pairs

Simple integration


Part Number

Output Voltage

Output Power


Volume Pricing


48V / 57V

74 Watts

Not Recommended for New Designs

Evaluation Boards

Ag6110 Evaluation Board

Not Recommended for New Designs
This is Silvertels standard IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at and POE Ultra PSE module evaluation board, for testing and evaluation of Silvertel Single Channel PSE modules. It is designed to work with Powered Devices (PDs) that extract power from either the spare pair and or the data pair. It is suitable for use at 10/100/1000 and 10G Ethernet (HDBaseT compatible) rates, with the following products – Ag6100-S and Ag6110. Please use the links provided to order boards or download the User Manual.

User Manual