Ag320T - 15W Transmitter Module

The Ag320T is a 12V DC input wireless power transmitter module; designed to work with the matched Ag320R wireless power receiver, typically used in higher power wireless charging applications.

Key Features & Documents

Complementary Module Pair

Ag320T (Transmit Power) & Ag320R (Receive Power)

Up to 15 Watts Wireless Power

Low profile DIL package modules

12V Input & 12V Output @ 1.3A Max

Automatic Compatible

Transmit/Receiver Verification

Low bit rate (4 bytes/s) user

Accessible data transfer to Ag320T

Overload & Short-circuit Protection

Low Standby Power Consumption

Ag320T - 15W Transmitter Module

Part Number

Input Voltage

Output Power *


Volume Pricing



15 Watts

Evaluation Boards

Ag320T Evaluation Board

This is a 15W wireless transmitter evaluation kit for the Ag320T transmitter module, supplied complete with a transmitter coil fitted. It can be matched with the EVALAg320R for a complete end-to-end wireless power Eval system.  Evaliation boards only availabe as a kit to include both EvalAg320T and EvalAg320R.