Ag320R - 15W Receiver Module

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Silvertels’ Ag300 series are a range of wireless power modules, typically used for wireless charging. Using Silvertel modules, wireless power transfer products can be quickly designed by the simple addition of a compliant coil. Ag320T and Ag320R are a high power 15W output solution for heavier duty applications than the standard Ag301/312 solution. Ag320R shown here is a 15W output wireless power receiver module, providing a 12V regulated output, to aid the effortless, fast design of higher power wireless charging products. Ag320R is used exclusively with the Ag320T transmit power module for an end to end cost effective design.

Key Features & Documents

• Last Time Buy / Not Recommended for New Designs

Complementary Module Pair

Ag320T (Transmit Power) & Ag320R (Receive Power)

Up to 15 Watts Wireless Power

Low profile DIL package modules

12V Input & 12V Output @ 1.3A Max

Automatic Compatible

Transmit/Receiver Verification

Overload & Short-circuit Protection

Low Standby Power Consumption

Backwards Compatible with 5W Qi

No external components required, only coil

Ag320R 15W Wireless Power Receiver

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• Last Time Buy / Not Recommended for New Designs

Evaluation Boards

Ag320R Evaluation Board

• Last Time Buy / Not Recommended for New Designs

This evaluation board kit is designed for testing of the Ag320R wireless power receiver module but should be used in conjunction with the EvalAg320T. The 12V output is available on connector J1 pins 1 and 2 or the center pin of connector J2. 0V is available on J1 pins 3 and 4 or the outer ring of J2. It is supplied complete with an compatible wireless receiver coil. Evaliation boards only availabe as a kit to include both EvalAg320T and EvalAg320R.