15W Wireless Charging System Silvertel Triples the Wireless Power Available with Ag320 to 15W

Ag320T and Ag320R – A high power wireless charger system from Silvertel

Following the introduction of Silvertels’ modular wireless power system, delivering 5W using the Ag301, Ag311/312 combinations, it became clear that the concept of wireless power transfer was good, being extremely useful and versatile for its’ target products and environments, external use, industrial environment, medical products and devices etc. However, the power limitations made roll out and use of the technology restrictive.

Enter the Ag320 series, with an increase to 3 times the available power (now 15W) of the earlier modules, delivering a more practical level of power for many more applications.

Previous articles have talked about growing trends electronics such as in miniaturization. Wireless charging and power is another such growing trend, starting with mobile phones and moving to an ever increasing array of modern electronic devices. Wherever there is a need or advantage in being able to do away with power connectors; wireless power has a role to play. And now with a full 15W of power available for charging, the Ag320 series can deliver power for an even larger range of products.

Silvertel can provide all the assistance and support required, although the modules have been engineered such that the simple addition of a single recommended coil to each of the transmit and receive power modules completes the functional design of the system. For further details contact Silver sales or your local distributor.