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A new "Super Power" has arrived
100W Power over HDBaseT modules from Silvertel

Silvertel is delighted to announce the release of the first 100W Power over HDBaseT (PoH) compliant Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Powered Device (PD) modules for injecting and extracting Power over Ethernet (POE) on CAT5/6 cables – the Ag6600 and the Ag5600.

It is now possible to use a pair of Silvertel PoH modules – the Ag6600 and AG5600 - to supply Power over Ethernet at higher power than ever before over CAT5 or CAT6 cables in order to drive the new generation of HDBaseT compliant products, including smart TV's and LCD displays without the need for high voltage, expensive to install mains power cabling.  PoH is a newly ratified standard for supplying 100W of Power over Ethernet in conjunction with uncompressed High Definition video, and runs at low, safe-to-handle voltages for ease of installation. Silvertel have been pioneering higher power and small form factor PoE modules for over 7 years and are a contributing member of the HDBaseT alliance.
Any other higher power application requiring power up to 100W can also be implemented using Silvertels new POH modules.

Demand for higher power POE and PoH continues to grow, as equipment users in high-end audio-visual, digital signage and Point of Sale systems realise the cost saving potential of PoH systems through reduced cabling and installation costs for all their network connected devices. HDBaseT technology revolutionizes the networking industry, enabling manufacturers to build thinner and lighter products, including smart TVs, providing consumers the flexibility to install their devices in any location, without requiring proximity to an additional power outlet.
Installing home networks or rolling out display systems in airports, hotels, hospitality environments suddenly becomes that much easier with integrated POH.  HDBaseT is a consumer electronics connectivity technology optimized for whole-home and commercial multimedia distribution; the heart of which is 5Play™, an unrivalled feature-set that converges full uncompressed HD video, audio (up to 10.2 Gbps), 100BaseT Ethernet, up to 100W power and various control signals through a single 100m/328ft CAT5e/6 LAN cable. Ag5600 and Ag6600 support the critical power element of this technology.

HDBaseT POH Benefits:
• Officially completes the 5Play™ feature set, adding power distribution to the unmatched offering of video, audio, Ethernet and control via a standard LAN cable.
• Significantly reduces overall network power consumption, enabling the introduction of new power-saving applications.
• Enables consumers to place components of their whole-home network in ideal locations regardless of electrical outlet availability.
• Simplifies and reduces cost of installation of consumer electronics by eliminating the need to employ an electrician.
• Assists manufacturers in their quest to design thinner and more cost effective devices that can be connected with a single cable by eliminating the AC-to-DC elements within the devices themselves


Ag5600 PD Datasheet for HDBaseT 100W

Ag6600 PSE Datasheet For HDBaseT 100W