Powerful performance in a tiny package - Introducing Ag2120...

Silver Telecom has announced the launch of the Ag2120 trunk interface. The Ag2120 is a self–contained highly
integrated Central Office Interface Circuit (COIC) or Trunk Circuit in a Single or Dual in Line (SIL or DIL) package module.

Ag2120 - SIL PSTN, COIC, DAA or Trunk InterfaceAg2120 - DIL PSTN, COIC, DAA or Trunk Interface

Building upon the success of the Ag2110 COIC (known as DAA, FXO or Trunk Interface), Silver Telecom has
designed and developed a device that can operate either from a +5V or +3.3V supply. It is a complete line
interface in a single package, with emphasis on size, low cost and ease of use.

The innovative new Ag2120 was designed for all applications, including those where there is a high level of
common mode interference, such as VoIP Gateways, long loop applications and systems without a ground.
The Ag2120 allows flexible programming of many functions including the DC voltage mask, terminal and network
impedances and meets international safety and regulatory requirements of EN60950/UL1950 and FCC Pt68.

Packaged in a space-saving SIL or DIL format, the Ag2120 can provide a quick route to market for developers of
the latest telecommunications equipment. Through Silver Telecoms' successfully proven "design in" service, where
we work closely with our customer’s engineers to develop the line interface solution to meet customer’s specific
individual requirements as and when required, telecommunications providers are able to devote more time to
concentrating on their key competencies, safe in the knowledge that their interface solutions have been successfully managed.

Production volumes of the Ag2120 are now available for immediate despatch in SIL and DIL packages.

For further information, please contact Silver Telecom or their local representative.

About Silver Telecom
Silver Telecom manufactures, designs and develops Power over Ethernet, battery charger and telephone interface circuits for
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