POE and the IOT

POE is everywhere these days, from door entry access systems, fingerprint readers, IP and video phones (including entry system intercoms), wireless access points, IP Cameras, HDBaseT audio visual extender systems, Ethernet/IP to serial data converters, lighting system controls and even tablet docking stations and better yet remote control bath filling systems. The beauty of the technology lies in combining power and data over a single data cable, all at a low, inherently safe voltage making new equipment installations easy. Add to this the power of IP in a product, and mix in with a little IOT, you soon have the capability to remotely access and control any number of different facets of modern life. A quick search for the increasingly ubiquitous Raspberry Pi on the internet will yield any number of home (or commercial) projects for controlling lighting and heating remotely, via a handheld device such as a smart phone. Silvertel has even released a new demonstration video that uses a new Silvertel low voltage LED driver module and the Arduino open source development platform to enable the control of LED lighting systems through your smartphone or other android based device. The video can be viewed here:

Another great example of the possibilities for the IOT. Of course, the Arduino board could easily be replaced by something like the Raspberry Pi, with POE power using the latest HAT compliant POE adapter technology, also using Silvertels’ POE technology. The very latest POE modules from Silvertel are so small they can fit in almost anything, opening up endless possibilities for POE in the future IOT. Contact Silvertel, or your local distributor for further details.