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UK Manufacturer of Low Cost Electronic Modules

Silvertel specialises in the design and supply of low cost electronic modules to an extensive global customer base that includes blue chip names such as Samsung and Panasonic. Our POE, Telecoms, Battery charger and Wireless Power module products are sold to thousands of customers through a worldwide network of distributors and representatives. All this is backed up by our renowned first class technical and application support. Silvertel has pioneered many innovations in POE to include such landmarks as the smallest SMT and POE+ modules in the world, as well  as the highest power POE modules available. All modules are optimised to provide minimised footprints and package size. Ease of use with minimal external components required is an additional key Silvertel advantage. For further details on each range, click on an image below.

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Ag9924 and Ag5324
24V POE with Industrial Temperature

Spotlight Ag9900

Ag9924 and Ag5324 are the cutting edge in industrial temperature POE and ultra-miniaturisation from Silvertel. Ag9900 pushes back the boundaries for POE miniaturisation yet again at just 21.2 x 13.9mm in footprint area, and only 13.3mm high, Ag9900M is truly the smallest POE module in the world. Despite its' tiny footprint, Ag9924MT still packs a maximum 12W at 85°C of output power through improved efficiencies in design. Read more about Ag9924M or Ag9900M here. Meanwhile Ag5324 is a 24V output version of the successful POE+ Ag5300 module, capable of delivering 24W of power at 85°C. Samples are available, contact your local distributor for details. Ag5324, Ag9924M, Ag9912M, Ag9905M and Ag9903M are all released.


Single Wire HDBaseT TV

World's first fully integrated POH HDBaseT TV - from Aquavision, courtesy of Silvertel POH modules

Aquavision have released their Connec-TV Active HDBaseT range for the ultimate in luxury, high
quality, High Definition, waterproof Bathroom TV. Utilising the Valens HDBaseT chip sets for transmitting
uncompressed 10Gbps high definition video, along with audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, Infra-Red (IR) controls,
signalling and 100W of Power Over HDBaseT Power, courtesy of Silvertel's high power PD and PSE modules.

The Aquavision range includes two screen sizes 22" and 27", both of which have the power over
HDBaseT capability built in. Which means they are the first products in the world to fully realise the
potential of HDBaseT and its ability to transfer enough power over a single CAT6 cable to power
a TV. They can therefore be installed without the need for a mains plug point nearby, with all the
ease of installation benefits it brings, including no expensive mains wiring, and perfect for use in
bathrooms, with POH all delivered at low SELV voltages of less than 60V. And all made possible through
the use of Silvertel's low profile and easy to integrate high power POE modules.

For more information on the Aquavision range, see their web site. See the Aquavision-Silvertel
installation Case Study here.

Aquavision Installation Case Study

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